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New Caboolture West City Name Confirmed

14 June 23

The new city in the Caboolture West Growth Area has officially been named Waraba!

The Moreton Bay Regional Council has also made a decision on the new suburb names and the boundaries of the existing localities of Upper Caboolture, Wamuran, Bellmere and Rocksberg will be amended as shown on the Decision Plan.

The five new localities will be called:

1. Lilywood

2.Wagtail Grove

3. Greenstone

4. Corymbia

5. Waraba


Suburb Name Meanings


Endorsed by Traditional Custodians, the Kabi Kabi word Waraba (WA+RA+BA) means ‘burn’ and refers to the traditional land management practices that brought new life and maintained the health of the land and its people. The first of the suburbs surrounding the city centre, Wagtail Grove, Corymbia, Lilywood and Greenstone have taken names that reflect the local environment.


Lilywood takes its name from the Blue Flax-lily, an evergreen perennial that thrives along waterways such as the Caboolture River. This beautiful plant, also known as the Blueberry Lily or Paroo Lily, boasts blue-green strappy leaves, star-shaped blue flowers with striking orange and yellow protruding stamens, and edible deep blue to purple berries. It is a clumping plant that spreads through rhizomes and attracts birds and butterflies. Similar to these native lilies, the new community of Lilywood is expected to be attractive, vibrant, hardy, resilient, and well-connected.

Wagtail Grove

The residents and businesses of Wagtail Grove are expected to emulate the native Willy Wagtail bird (Rhipidura leucophrys), after which the suburb is named. These birds are known for their industrious, active, and sustainable behavior, and the new community is expected to reflect these qualities.


Greenstone is named after the distinct igneous rock, known as Rocksberg Greenstone, that is found in the area. The rocks have a bright green hue when freshly formed, but their typical exposed surface is a dark greyish or bluish-green color. The Rocksberg Greenstone belt was first documented in 1906 and stretches approximately 38km in length and 8km in width at its broadest point. Scientists estimate that the belt is between 330-400 million years old and was created by a volcano located southwest of Maleny.


The Corymbia genus is comprised of approximately 100 tree species that are commonly known as Eucalyptus. This region is home to several of these species. The newly established community of Corymbia draws inspiration from its namesake and is expected to embody qualities of strength, vibrancy, adaptability, and diversity. The term “corymb” is derived from the Latin word corymbium, which refers to floral clusters where the flowers stem from different levels but ultimately terminate at the same level. Similarly, the members of this community will have unique backgrounds, but they will all benefit from the wide range of business, employment, educational, and lifestyle opportunities, as well as a diverse array of housing options, community events, and recreational experiences that the new suburb has to offer.