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Coles Supermarket & Retail: New Shopping Centre in the Works

25 January 23

A new shopping centre is in the works for Caboolture West, with a development application recently lodged for the proposed project. The shopping centre will be located at 483 Caboolture River Road and will feature a Coles Supermarket, specialty stores, and a liquor retail outlet, spread across three buildings and one vacant site.

Designed by Thomson Adsett, the proposed development will be carried out over three stages, with a 2,000sqm development site pad currently provided. The site is located within the Emerging Community zone and has road frontage to Caboolture River Road and Craig Road. No existing dwellings or structures are present on the site, and the existing vegetation and small dam will be removed to accommodate the new shopping centre.

The proposed shopping centre will feature a Coles Supermarket covering 3,600sqm, along with foyers, a liquor retail tenancy covering 150sqm, and three specialty shop tenancies, with sizes ranging from 150sqm to 400sqm. Other features include pedestrian access and crossings, landscaped boundaries, Coles collect (6 bays), two pylon signs, and a large ground floor car park. The ground floor car park will have a shaded area and will provide 288 parking spaces, including six click and collect bays, six bays for people with disabilities, five pram bays, five senior bays, two EV charging bays, five motorbike bays, and six short-term bays. Vehicle and pedestrian access points will be provided to Caboolture River Road and Craig Road.

The proposed shopping centre has been planned in response to the growing residential expansion in Caboolture West. According to Planning Australia, Caboolture West has been earmarked for future residential expansion for over a decade, and the recent updating of the SEQ Regional Plan 2017 has further confirmed this intent by including the area within Urban Footprint and identifying it as a major expansion area. Caboolture West is envisaged to accommodate a large percentage of the region’s new supply of residential development, and the new shopping centre is expected to cater to the needs of the expanding community.

The proposed district centre will have a gross floor area (GFA) of 4,550sqm on the 2.061-hectare site. The site is currently located within the Caboolture West Local Plan, specifically within the Urban Living Precinct (and Next Generation Sub-precinct) and the Green Network. With the proposed shopping centre, the residents of Caboolture West can look forward to a convenient and modern shopping experience in their own neighbourhood.