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Moreton Bay: From Regional Council to Thriving City

17 August 2023

It’s official! The Moreton Bay local government area will no longer be classified as a regional council and has reclassified as a City Council. Deputy Premier Steven Miles announced that the new name would come into effect by the conclusion of 2023.

The Moreton Bay local government area is undergoing a significant transformation as it prepares to adopt a new name and shed its regional council status. The reclassification, approved by the state government, comes as a result of the area’s remarkable population growth. With a population currently exceeding 480,000 and projected to reach close to 700,000 by 2041, the decision to upgrade to Moreton Bay City Council is a testament to the area’s rapid development and potential.

Moreton Bay has emerged as one of the fastest-growing local governments in the country. Surpassing the populations of several Queensland cities such as Logan, Redland, Townsville, Mount Isa, and Ipswich, it now stands as the third most populous council area in Queensland, surpassed only by Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The decision to reclassify the region acknowledges its significance and paves the way for increased recognition, investment, and economic opportunities.

The reclassification of Moreton Bay as a city will have profound economic and political implications. Local Government Minister Steven Miles highlighted the potential for increased tourism and job creation. The change will put Moreton Bay on the map, attracting visitors and encouraging businesses to invest in the region. By shedding the regional council title, the area gains equal footing with major cities such as Brisbane and the Gold Coast, enhancing its appeal as an investment destination.


Moreton Bay Mayor Peter Flannery emphasised the political importance of the reclassification, allowing Moreton Bay to have a stronger voice in federal politics. This newfound recognition will enable the council to secure funding for infrastructure projects and ensure that Moreton Bay’s needs are no longer overlooked. By positioning itself as Australia’s third-largest council by population, Moreton Bay is primed to wield greater influence and advocate effectively for its community.

The reclassification also presents an opportunity to reshape the urban landscape of Moreton Bay. Mayor Flannery envisions a polycentric city, a concept characterised by multiple centres spread across the region rather than a single centralised CBD. This approach aims to distribute investment and resources evenly, unlock the potential of existing communities and towns, reduce traffic congestion, and enhance the connection to the beautiful natural environment. Moreton Bay has the potential to become Queensland’s first subtropical polycentric city, fostering a thriving and sustainable future for its residents.

The reclassification of Moreton Bay local government area as Moreton Bay City Council marks a significant milestone in the region’s development journey. With its booming population and growing significance, this change brings numerous advantages for the community, including increased recognition, investment, and political influence. The transition to a polycentric city model promises to unlock the potential of the entire region, providing more job opportunities, improved traffic flow, and enhanced green spaces. As Moreton Bay steps into its new role as a city, it stands poised to realise its full potential as a vibrant and prosperous community.