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Moreton Bay Region Prepares for a Transformative Future: The Journey Towards City Status

28 March 23

The Moreton Bay Regional Council is gearing up for a monumental wave of growth in the area, with the population projected to increase significantly over the next two decades. Originally intended to accommodate 16,000 new residents in the Morayfield area, the region’s population estimate has skyrocketed, potentially leading to its reclassification as a city. With careful planning and consideration, the council aims to preserve the area’s beloved open spaces, natural beauty, and affordability while embracing the opportunities that come with this remarkable growth.

Recent reports reveal that area’s population could surpass 750,000 residents within the next 20 years, far exceeding the earlier projection of 690,000 by 2041. This tremendous surge in population will position Moreton Bay as a region with more residents than the entire state of Tasmania within a decade. To accommodate this influx, the Moreton Bay Regional Council is contemplating the transition from a regional to a city council, aligning it with neighbouring councils such as Redland City, Ipswich City, and Logan City.

The reclassification to city status presents numerous advantages for the Moreton Bay region. By embracing this change, residents could enjoy access to approximately 100,000 new job opportunities, enhanced infrastructure, and improved road networks. Additionally, the council’s plans include critical improvements to transportation connectivity, traffic congestion, parks, bikeways, and pathways. The objective is to create movement corridors along waterways, connecting centres to the bay, and enabling residents to traverse the city effortlessly on foot, bike, or scooter.

As Moreton Bay Regional Council prepares for the dramatic population growth projected in the area, it is clear that transformative changes lie ahead. The region’s potential transition from a regional council to a city council holds immense promise, offering abundant job opportunities, improved infrastructure, and enhanced quality of life for its residents. Through careful planning and community consultation, the council strives to preserve the essence of Moreton Bay.