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Waraba set to be one of Australia’s greenest cities

21 June 24

Meandering green corridors and lush riverside retreats will be a hallmark of Lilywood Landings with more than 33% of our new community being dedicated to open space.

As the first residential community in Waraba, we’re also setting the trend for what could be Australia’s greenest new city!

Lilywood Landings will feature a 3.25-hectare central green spine together with almost 20 hectares of lush parklands along our 1.74-kilometre Caboolture River frontage. The riverfront land will offer some great recreation opportunities and access to the river for activities such as kayaking, while also helping to protect the region’s biodiversity and habitat values.

To put the Lilywood Landings open space into perspective, the community will provide residents with around 20 times the playing area of Suncorp Stadium in green space.

If we expand the map a bit more, Waraba’s first suburb of Lilywood will have a total of 70 hectares of green open space, featuring extensive parklands, playgrounds and walking and cycle paths along the river.

For the entire new city of Waraba, a massive 970 hectares will be set aside for public green space, or about 870 times the playing field at Suncorp Stadium.

With all this green space on the doorstep of every home in Lilywood Landings, spending time outdoors and staying active will be part of everyday life for our local families.

Lilywood Landings is located at the gateway to Waraba, right next door to existing homes, shops, schools and other essential services. Our community will connect directly with an existing pathway that runs alongside the Caboolture River, and in future continue further into Waraba.

With construction well under way at Lilywood Landings, now is the time to register your interest in our first land releases and start planning your new life in Waraba!