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What makes a masterplanned community and why is it a great place to live?

5 July 24

Lilywood Landings marks the start of an exciting new chapter for the Moreton Bay region as the first masterplanned residential community to get under way in Waraba.

Breathing new life, investment and job prosperity into the area, Waraba will provide many years of new housing supply and all the services needed to live a full life in an aspirational community.

Let’s explore more about masterplanned communities and why they are so popular with home buyers.

Foundations for building a connected, masterplanned community

Masterplanned communities are expansive residential neighbourhoods, strategically developed to cater to the requirements of their residents. Often in close proximity to existing major centres, these communities are convenient and cohesive, offering a range of nearby amenities and diverse housing options.

Whether you’re entering the property market for the first time, considering an upgrade, or downsizing, a masterplanned community offers numerous benefits, creating an environment that seamlessly integrates living spaces with desired services and facilities.

Elevating connected living for the future

Masterplanned communities redefine connected living for the future by seamlessly integrating convenience, community, and nature. These thoughtfully designed neighbourhoods go beyond the conventional to create self-contained hubs, offering residents a harmonious blend of amenities, customisable home options, and a close-knit sense of community.

With a focus on sustainable practices and connectivity to natural environments, communities like Lilywood Landings set the stage for a lifestyle where everything needed for daily living – from nearby schools and healthcare to shopping and recreational spaces – is within easy reach. As urban living evolves, masterplanned communities not only meet the immediate needs of residents but also foster connections and well-rounded living experiences.

Amenities enhance long-term home value

A significant allure of masterplanned communities lies in their curated amenities, each designed to enhance the experience of convenient living. In the case of Lilywood Landings, consider the services that will align with your current and future needs, such as:

  • Parklands, a playground and walking/running/cycling paths
  • Childcare services
  • Convenience store, petrol station and car wash
  • Riverfront recreation area and direct water access
  • Dining and shopping options nearby
  • Medical centres and close proximity to a hospital
  • Easy access to motorways and public transport

A place to thrive today and tomorrow

Developed by Lennium Group, Lilywood Landings will offer a range of much-needed affordable homes for the fast-growing Moreton Bay region. Construction of the first stages of the community has commenced with anyone interested in purchasing at Lilywood Landings urged to register their interest.